From Sunday 19 January, Dr Lapsley’s lectionary of readings on “Turn your eyes upon Jesus”
1.    Look at Jesus, “God incarnate, but totally flesh and blood, as we see in passages- infancy and coming of age; – ” Luke 2: 22-35, and Luke 2: 41- 52.   Tempted as we are, and emptied of divinity; – Hebrews 2:18, & 4:15, and Philippians 2: 5-7 His agony on the Cross;  Matthew 27: 45-50 
2.    Look at Jesus, who ties “law” together with “grace”, and puts dogma, tradition, and customs in their place;   Matthew 5: 17-20,  Matthew 5: 21-48
3.    Look at the big-hearted Jesus who always said “yes” to anyone who needed him:  the hungry, the lost, the misguided ; Mark 1: 41,   6: 30-34,    John 8: 3-11,  Luke: 7: 36-50:   and the outsider;  Luke 9: 41    
4.    Look at the Jesus who crossed boundaries and borders, to talk with alienated Samaritans, sometimes intimately;  John 4: 7-42to do a good turn to an occupying Roman soldier;  Luke 7: 1-10;  to dine with a renegade tax collector;  Luke 19: 2-8;  to sneak away to see a Pharisee after night; John 3: 1-17.         
5.    Look at Jesus the skilled teacher who told stories which plumbed the depths of human experience – the sower of seed, Luke 8: 4-15the lost people and things, Luke 15: 1- 32;  the Kingdom of God and its small beginnings, Luke 13: 18-20.  The deeply spiritual teacher who touched our hearts and minds with the Beatitudes;     Matthew 5: 1-12;  and who taught us the perfect comprehensive prayer;    Matthew 6: 7-14
6.    Look at the formidable robust Jesus moved to denounce wrongdoers by angry words and actions;  Matthew 23: 1-36,    Mark 11: 15-19
7.    Look at the charming Jesus considerate and encouraging to women and taking notice of children.  He had many encounters with women, sometimes to heal their ills; Matthew 15: 21-28 sometimes to socialise and teach;  Luke 10: 38-42.  As for children Jesus made a lesson from their playing, and set them up as a model for haughty adults;  Luke 7: 31-35,   Matthew18: 1-5.    Jesus himself could be playful and caustic.  He was a master of hyperbole, that tongue in cheek form of exaggeration.   A prime example was his taking down of the self-centred wealthy;  Mark 10: 23-27.
8.    Look for the Connection Jesus has left open for communication in John 17, especially vs. 1-11. 21-26.    Be guided by the example of Jesus, risen to be with us