Responding to God (Sept – Nov) – Nine Psalms from Book One of the Psalter.
The Psalms formed Israel’s hymnbook, featuring in worship in the Tabernacle or Temple and in the great festivals and feasts. This autumn, psalms – mostly from David – will also form the heart of morning worship in Fisherwick. Sometimes a Psalm may spell out its origins or say when it was first sung. Usually, though, clues emerge as we tune in to the psalmist’s experience and discover how they thought and felt.
We will make the psalmists’ words our words, echoing some of their hopes or fears, joys or trials. As David’s experience of a living loving God impacts ours there will be opportunities for our lips and our lives to shape our response to God in trust and in obedience.

Glimpsing Glory (Dec) Luke 1–2: Four Advent Canticles & Christmas
The Evangelist Luke begins his Gospel with a narrative of the dawn of our salvation – a story of glory being glimpsed by those who were patiently awaiting their deliverance. Four canticles punctuate Luke 1–2 with praise and thanks for God’s saving intervention in the world and these hymns will also give rhythm to Fisherwick’s 2013 Advent celebrations:

Mary’s Magnificat;
Zechariah’s Benedictus;
The angels’ Gloria; and
Simeon’s Nunc Dimittis.

The glory, of course, is the colour of grace and Luke’s own account of the birth of Jesus will also be the Gospel for Christmas Day.


Partners for Christ (Sept – Dec) Paul’s Letter to the Philippians
This autumn, SNL will be awash with questions. How should we make sense of the hard times? If following Jesus gets us into trouble at home or in work, how should we respond? Why does unity among believers matter? How can fellowship be fostered in a Church like Fisherwick? What impact should our congregation have in our area? In a world of fragile relationships, what does long-term commitment to Jesus and one another look like?
For us, Paul’s message to his favourite Church – in Roman Philippi – throws up all these issues and more. Belonging, believing and sharing made partners for Christ of Paul’s converts in a house Church in first-century Philippi.
Our challenge will be to catch and commit to a vision for being Church and sharing Christ appropriate to twenty-first-century Belfast.