Congregational Prayer

We meet together for congregational prayer twice a week. Join us on Friday mornings at 7.30am or Sunday mornings at 10.00am in Welcome Centre.

We also meet together to pray on the last Thursday evening of the month at 7pm in the Prayer Chapel in the main church.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer ministry is available after every service in the prayer chapel at the front of the church. Our prayer ministry team would be happy to pray with you about anything.

Prayer Ministry By Appointment

Prayer by Appointment is a ministry in which Prayer Ministry Team members encourage and empower recipients in their own personal relationship and prayer life with God through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Prayer Ministry team do not offer counselling or advice, nor life guidance, rather the Prayer Ministry Team will pray for anointing, healing, and revelation by operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and giving direction and guidance for the prayer ministry recipient’s own dialogue, conversation and prayer in Christ. The prayer ministry by appointment is a ministry that respects confidentiality, encourages wholeness, and promotes health. For more information please contact

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