Prayer Ministry Course

For those who want to learn how to pray for others.

Begins Monday 12th November 2012 in Belfast and Tuesday 13th November in Ballymena, starting at 8.00pm

Want to learn more?

This is a six week practical course on how the Spirit leads us in this ministry.  It commences Monday 12th/Tuesday 13th November and meets fortnightly thereafter with a break over Christmas and New Year.

Each evening includes teaching and workshop sessions.  It is open to all who wish to learn more of this ministry and have the approval of their leadership.

Belfast Venue – Fisherwick Presbyterian Church

Ballymena Venue – Wellington Presbyterian Church

Audio links (course participants only)

Week 1 – 12 (Belfast), 13 (Ballymena) November 2012

How did Jesus do it?

Practical Session – Valuing the person

Week 2 – 26 (Belfast), 27 (Ballymena) November 2012

What is the role of the Spirit?

Practical Session – Waiting on God

Week 3 – 10 (Belfast), 11 (Ballymena) December 2012

Using the gifts

Practical Session – Listening to God

Week 4 – 7 (Belfast), 15 (Ballymena) January 2013

Healing life’s hurts – understanding emotional damage

Practical Session – Listening to the bass line

The difference between healing and pastoral prayer ministry

Week 5 – 21 (Belfast), 29 (Ballymena) January 2013

Spiritual Warfare – engaging the enemy

Practical Session – Do’s and Don’ts of deliverance

Week 6 – 4 (Belfast), 12 (Ballymena) February 2013

The Ministry of Jesus – Keeping the focus right

Values and Guidelines

Practical Session – Putting it all together

This course is a prerequisite for inclusion in a prayer ministry team but completion of the course does not necessarily mean inclusion on a team. Prayer Ministry teams are recruited in any parish or congregation by the leadership according to the gifting of those available. During this course you may discover that your gifting lies elsewhere e.g. in intercession or prophecy or administration. We hope to assist each participant to discover God’s place for them in the body and to find fulfilment by doing it.

To assist administration we would ask you to complete the enrolment form below and post a cheque for £30 to cover the costs of the course, materials and coffee etc. Please make all cheques payable to the Kairos Trust and post to Kairos Trust, 4 Chlorine Gardens, Belfast, BT9 5DJ.


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