Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by the worst flooding in decades in Myanmar.  At present, the death toll is 69, but the United Nations expects this to rise further in the coming days when aid workers are able to reach remote areas.  Four areas of the country have been declared disaster areas, with homes and crops destroyed / damaged, roads and bridges washed away, etc.

Rev. Ling Zaw, General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar (PCM) reports that many people have died and many houses, churches and other buildings have collapsed.  Many families are now staying in places such as schools, church halls and PCM has also opened up it General Assembly meeting room to house some of the homeless.  Rev Zaw writes, “Our mission fields such as Palewah mission field and Rakhian mission field also facing these problems.  We are also informed by the Executive Secretary of Victoria Synod, the Lawica pastor quarters and some houses were destroyed by the storm.”

  • Pray for those who have been affected by the heavy rain and floods.
  • Pray too for the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar as it seeks to help those in need.


Bible Societies in Ireland  John Doherty of the Bible Society in N. Ireland requests prayer for:

The sensitive discussions currently taking place in North Africa, following a request from churches for the establishment of a Bible Society in one of the few countries not currently served.

All Christians and the Bible Society of Cameroon staff team in the north of Cameroon where Boko Haram has begun using young girls as suicide bombers, and there is fear that the Bible Society may be specifically targeted.  Pray that staff will continue to trust in God for their safety.

The work to complete 100 key Bible translations, that has been going on worldwide, before the end of this year; consider all the practical, technical and financial challenges in getting these texts checked, typeset, digitalised, printed and transported, so that excited people can receive the first ever Bible in their language.

Projects in Nigeria and Uganda that will create Scripture that deaf and blind communities can use.  Pray that many people would be inspired as God’s Word reaches them in a format that will help them to overcome their disability and to study the text on their own, without dependence on others.