Blog 20 – John 12:20-50.

Man’s Glory or God’s Glory

SNL Sunday 17 February 2013 7.00pm

This blog as usual is written not by John the evangelist but by Derek McKelvey.

Do you mind if I ignore the entry into Jerusalem?[1] – it was an incredible day – even if it was short-lived – but in a few weeks’ time when you reach Holy Week there will be time to return to it as you celebrate Palm Sunday.

Ever since Bethany and the anointing Jesus was curiously detached from us  – and yet he wasn’t – he probably talked more with us in this week than at any other time – but he was fixed on ‘doing what he saw the father doing.’[2] Normally the Greeks would have been a real delight to him – he loved meeting people and engaging them in conversations but he practically ignored them – Andrew and Philip were slightly embarrassed as they had led them to believe he would be happy to see them. But he had to walk the Road ahead to glorify the Father and let the Father glorify the Son.

There were so many who heard him that week and believed him – but they did not come out openly because they were afraid of the authorities who were well known to be intent on removing him – the triumphal entry had been the last straw – they could not let a popular movement gain this amount of following. So people tried to have the best of both worlds – believing Jesus and keeping quiet so they would not draw attention from the authorities.


You could not have glory from men and from God then – nor now. Many have tried but you have to choose – and glory from God then and now is the way of the Cross.[3]

You choose!

[1] We will look at Palm Sunday then – now we look at Christ’s reflections after that event under the shadow of the events to come

[2] John 5:19 – the secret of his whole life and ministry

[3] Each time Jesus refers in John’s gospel to ‘being glorified’ he refers to his crucifixion. John 1:14 ought I believe to be read in the light of this.