Blog 25 – John 17

Jesus’ prayer – stay close to each other – please!

SNL Sunday 28 April 2013 7.00pm

This blog as usual is written not by John the evangelist but by Derek McKelvey.

At the end of all he had to say he just started praying – there was no gap, no ‘I’m going to pray for you guys now’ or anything, he just started pouring his heart out for us and then for all who we would bring – or maybe rather all that he would bring – into the kingdom hereafter. It was passionate, it was fervent, it was beautiful – and as the years have passed I have realised how prophetic it was too. It did not take us long to be squabbling amongst ourselves – about whether, for example, Jewish practices came with us into the church. All through the Council of Jerusalem[1] that solved that one, I could hear him praying the prayer he prayed that night – I often meant to ask Peter if he could – was that what swayed him in that pitched battle.

But this I know that it was the most apposite thing he could have prayed, Stay close to each other – but the prayer had the solution in it as well – if we stay as close to him as he was to the Father (and that is his gift to us) then we will inevitably stay close to each other.

Simple isn’t it – but oh so hard to do.

[1] See Acts 15