Blog 24 – John 14-16

The discourse in the Upper Room

SNL Sundays 7-21 April 2013 7.00pm

This blog as usual is written not by John the evangelist but by Derek McKelvey.

 When Judas had gone out he warned us about the need to stay together, to ‘love one another’, his new commandment. Then it was as if he sat back and unburdened his soul. As I wrote the refrain Believe in God, believe in me kept thundering until I found that I had finished what he was saying and said ‘Let’s go from here’.[1]

But of course I hadn’t put even half of what he said that night down – so I started again and let it all pour out. The true vine, how the world will hate the church but how God has provided for us through it all – and above all the role of the Spirit.

The odd thing is that there was so much that we felt we would never remember it – for most of it we did not understand at the time.  What struck us more then was the intensity with which he spoke and the way those loving eyes so full of pain bore into us through it all – but afterwards it was exactly as he said.  The Spirit brought every single word back to our minds – we could hear him saying them and every one was precious.

And precious they are – that’s why I’ve given so much space to them – for if you remember them as we did they will stand by you as they have stood by us.

In the end it is simple – stick close to him for he chose you, not you him – and he is the source of it all. Without him you can do nothing!

[1] 14:31  it seems that John went off on a roll and wrote an account of what Jesus said at the table and then caught himself on that there was much more and started again and gave us chapters 15 and 16. Other explanations have been put forward for verse 31 but this is by far the simplest and the most logical