Blog 26: Isaiah 64

The final Act – God – Where are you?

 Sunday 28 April 2013 11.00am

The sermon[1] is followed by a prayer. The people call on God to come down out of heaven – to tear the skies apart and come to their aid – to come as he has in the past as a consuming fire.

The plea for intervention from an absent God – turns to worship him recalling the deeds of old (you did awesome deeds that we did nor expect) – remembering his holiness (no eye has seen you) – and his readiness to help (you work for those who wait for you) – and finally an acknowledgement of their own part in the absence of God (we sinned …and our righteous deeds like soiled cloths).

He is absent and they know why! But they remind him of their relationship borrowing the image of the potter and clay from Jeremiah. Will he stay his anger and return to them?

The final paragraph seeks to appeal to his love for Jerusalem as a reason for helping its parlous state.

Will he keep silent?

The next chapter (next week) gives the answer – if anyone is absent it is them. As the old adage says: If God is absent, who moved?  Most (not all) of God’s absences are our sin, our inattention, our declarations intentional or not of independence – doing it our way!

Yes, sometimes he goes silent to bring us to our senses or to make us realize that we cannot do it without him. But mostly he is silent because we have placed a wall of sin between us and we cannot hear him.


[1] Chapter 63:7 ff