Sunday 20 January 2013 11.00am

Blog 14: Isaiah 43:14-44:23 ‘Recycle your idols’

This scene begins with a call to forget the past and to embrace the new future that the Lord is creating. The whole of the scene is four speeches by The Lord punctuated with a satirical fun-poking dialogue about idol makers[1].

God has decided his redemptive plan for Israel, he has already raised up an obscure Persian Prince who will do his bidding. The Babylon that seems so powerful now will crumble before his eyes.

But the call in each of the speeches is to get your eyes off everything except that you have a God who made you, formed you created you, loves you, calls you and forgives you.

Each speech reasserts the primacy of God in every facet of their history, and the consistency of his call and the constancy of his love.

We would do well to learn what this passage wants to teach – get your eyes off the machinations of men and of the evil one and fix them on the God who has not changed whatever the outward circumstances of life.

Believing and trusting this God because of or in spite of the present circumstances is the secret of filled and fulfilled lives

[1] Isaiah 44:9-20