Blog 17: Isaiah 52:1-12. Act 9.
Awake – await the messenger
SOS Bus Service
Sunday 10 February 2013 11.00am

The final scene of Act 9 has the wonderful picture of the messenger coming over the hills to Jerusalem with the news of The LORD’s coming back to Jerusalem. The context of the passage is that those who are struggling, dispirited and feeling alone in trying to rebuild the city, should lift up their eyes to see what the LORD is doing – there are reinforcements on the way. A further tranche of people are coming.

But the passage is even more about the fact that the Lord is at work – he is active – some six times in twelve verses the action of the Lord is highlighted.

Their cries are heard – the Lord is coming – he is sending his messengers to the waste places of Jerusalem.

In our time there is a sense that God has abandoned large swathes of society, or has been abandoned by many more. The mission message is simple – God returns to the waste places and transforms them – and there will be cause to comment on how beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good tidings.

This is a mission charter – hence a suitable passage for a service that includes the work of the SOS Bus in the waste places of Belfast.