2012-13 Fisherwick Interns reflect on their year

Fisherwick sits amongst the residence halls and main campus of Queen’s University Belfast. Its location draws a lot of students, though the church is known for its wide range of programmes and ministry to people of all ages. Fisherwick  has a reputation for a wide variety of relevant worship, and a strong evangelical edge shown through mission, community, and inter-church involvement.

Fisherwick encourages discipleship, rather than mere membership.

Fisherwick has welcomed interns for 10 years now, drawing young people from all parts of the world. The interns are a very valuable part of the congregation. Positions are available for full time and part time internships.

What will I be doing?
Interns will have the opportunity to participate in the following:

  • Alpha Course
  • Student Lunches
  • Small Groups
  • Pastoral Visitation
  • Leading Worship
  • Preaching
  • Prayer Ministry Team
  • Youth & Children’s Ministry
  • Community Outreach
  • Working with Older Adults
  • Participating in Sunday Services
  • & More!

How will I grow?
Interns are more than just a source of free labour. The congregation and staff greatly invest in the interns, and use every experience as an opportunity to learn. The intern programme is centered around discipleship, thus each intern participates in the following:

  •   Weekly Bible Study
  •   Training in Prayer Ministry and Pastoral Care
  •   Wholeness Through Christ or Ignatius Guided Silent Retreat
  •   Host Family and Mentor Relationships
  •   Responsibility to oversee a certain area of ministry, depending on interests and giftings.

Can I be an intern?

  • Are you looking for an opportunity to explore your giftings for ministry?
  • Are you in sympathy with the aims and objectives of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland? (Applicants are welcome from all Christian denominations)
  • Are you in your 20’s? (Interns are more likely to be post-graduate rather than gap year, though all are welcome and a University degree is not a requirement)
  • Are you willing to self fund the year? (Accommodation is provided, but the internship is not paid)
  • Can you work as a part of a diverse team? (Fisherwick gets many International applicants)

Here’s what you need to apply:

  1. A letter outlining:
    1. Your reasons for applying
    2. What you can offer the programme
    3. What you hope to gain
  2. Current CV/ Resume
  3. An outline of your faith journey to date
  4. Two references:
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Email
    4. Telephone number
  5. Medical Certificate

*Due to the nature of the work, a Pre-employment Police check is required for UK citizens*
Ordinarily applications should be received by 31 May 2014 but those intending to apply are encouraged to do so when ready either before or after that date. Interviews and acceptance are decided when applications are received and when all posts are filled no further applications will be considered for that year.

Applications should be sent to:

The Intern Programme
Fisherwick Church
4 Chlorine Gardens
Belfast BT9 5DJ
United Kingdom

or by email to

You can also apply online.

For further information contact Raymond Robinson, Church Manager, at +44 (0)2890 666683 or email