Community Outreach Project
The tender process is complete and the contract for the building project – halls redevelopment including welcome centre, and disabled access at the front of the church – has been awarded.
Work will begin on 2 July and should be finished by the end of July 2019.
During the building work, the halls will be closed.
Arrangements for all organisations affected are shown below, along with their dates for re-starting.

During the building project, QUB have given permission for us to use their car park in Cloreen Park – that’s between our Malone Road entrance and Centra – on Sundays from 10am to 1:30pm.  QUB staff will be in attendance.

Morning prayer meeting – Wilson House (10am)
Sunday morning fellowship (breakfast and chat before church) – sorry, no breakfast during the build, but if you want to come early …
Morning service (11am)
Creche – Session Room
Summer Sunday School – Wilson House
Kingfishers – (September) downstairs in Wilson House
Disciples – (September) upstairs in Wilson House
Sunday Night Live (Restarts in August, 7pm)

Presbyterian Women – Wilson House (1 October, 7:45pm)

Babes & Toddlers – Fitzroy (18 September, 10am)
Ladies Badminton – Malone (4 September, 10am)
Over 18 Badminton – not sure yet (4 September, 7:30pm)

Table Tennis – St John’s (5 September, 10am)
Wednesday Club – Wilson House (Keeps going, 10am)
iMeals – not in Fisherwick, don’t know where, yet
Choir – Choir room and/or chancel (5 September, 7:45pm)
Bowls – St Bart’s (19 September, 7:30pm)

Student lunches – on hold
BB & GB – Malone Presbyterian Church (September 13, 6:30pm)

Congregational prayer – Wilson House (7 September, 7:30am)

Meetings of Kirk Session, Congregational Committee, etc, etc, that would have taken place in the Parlour, will be held in Wilson House or the Church, depending on numbers.