Come and See – Autumn and Winter 2010-11

Matthew’s guided exploration of what it means to be disciples of Jesus in today’s world.  These booklets, working through the Gospel of Matthew, provide readings for each day
from Monday to Friday for each week together with some comments. The basic readings from Matthew are supplemented with other scripture passages which further explain the
week’s passage. They also contain some questions to get you thinking before each Sunday, as well as some suggestions as to how to include children in the programme.

1 Who can be disciples?

2 How God helps us

3 Putting it into action

4 The clash of the two Kingdoms

5 Discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary – keeping on keeping on –

6 Encounter with the Living God

7 Being Church – in the world

8 People under Authority – Living with Jesus as Lord

9 Being prepared and active – God’s commission and warning