Breadth Length Depth Height – Autumn and Winter, 2008-09

– a flexible survey of the vast majority of scripture which allows people to enter at several levels of engagement as their interest and their time schedule permit.

“My plea to you is to get into the Bible this winter as deeply as you possibly can – opt for the most challenging path even if sometimes you may need to take a lower path for a week or two.  If you struggle to keep up, take the lowest path for a week or two, but whatever you do, don’t give up! The rewards of keeping going are immense as the whole Bible is unlocked.”

Each of the eight booklets covers roughly four weeks, looking at one of the major sections of scripture.

 1 Torah

2 The Former Prophets

3 The Synoptics

4 The Young Church – Acts and the Early Letters

5 Collapse

6 Restoration

7 An Easter Interlude and Wisdom Books

8 The Later Letters & Apocalyptic