Blog 27: Isaiah 65:1-16

The final Act – I was there all the time

 Sunday 5 May 2013 11.00am

The prayers of the last chapters are now answered – quite the opposite of God being absent – he has been there all the time – listening!

The significant point of this chapter is that they have not been talking to Him!  The ‘they’ are the Zadokites who have excluded the Levites from the priesthood, who foment rebellion against Persia, who want to exclude foreigners from worship – who in effect want to police worship and keep it to their own religious set. They are preoccupied with religion and worship, into which they have brought practices that come from the Canaanite Baal worship.

So they are talking up their role as the ‘true’ worshippers whilst they are ignoring the message that God has brought through the prophet of opening the doors to the stranger, and the eunuch and all whom their God calls.

‘We can’t have people like that here!’

‘Who are these people that are taking over our church? They’re not from round here.’

‘We’ve always done it this way – we want to go on doing it this way!’

‘This is our traditional route – and we will march down it come hell or high water!’

The scenario is not new – but God excludes them – their prayers have not been addressed to him – he has not heard from them even though he was waiting for their voice.

He will bless those whose hearts are open to the new thing he is doing, to the new people he is bringing, to the message of hope for the hopeless and forgiveness for the sinner that is the heart of the vision that is Isaiah.